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Each private apartment is unfurnished for you to decorate with your favorite furnishings, personal items, and special mementos. At The Oaks, you can sit back and relax in your private apartment or mingle with friends in one of several large social areas. If you take pleasure in hosting family gatherings or special celebrations, The Oaks' spacious dining room is available for such wonderful occasions. Each apartment is linked to a 24-hour emergency call system that will notify staff in the event of an emergency.
The Oaks Assisted Living is a community with the perfect blend of housing, social interaction and supportive services. Our residential setting is ideal for seniors who no longer feel comfortable living alone, but want to maintain their independence.
The Oaks is conveniently located on the Parkview Care Center campus. This proximity allows you to relax and enjoy life knowing medical assistance is available if the need should arise.  In addition, this relationship with Parkview provides access to medical care, rehabilitation services, skilled nursing care, memory/dementia care and basic long term care services. You have the security and peace of mind knowing your medical needs are being supported.
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